Let There Be Light... In Your Residential, Commercial, Or Exterior Spaces.

LIGHT+SPACE provides both the aesthetic and technical components of lighting design for residential, commercial and exterior spaces. Our services start with finding out about your lighting needs, discussing lighting concepts that complement your space, planning the design and coordinating with other design team members, providing lighting plans for use by the construction team, and following the project through implementation to ensure the results are successful.  These services may take the form of needs assessment, evaluation of existing conditions, research, presentations to neighborhood and governing agencies, design services, light level calculations, preparation of construction documents, and construction administration.  To date, LIGHT+SPACE has successfully provided lighting design for interior and exterior spaces ranging up to 200,000 square feet, and for a diverse range of settings: parking facilities, bridges, community parks, public plazas, landscape, retail, restaurant, casino, education, teleconference, office, worship, art gallery, natatorium, and residential.

At LIGHT+SPACE, what we offer our clients is simple - but it's not necessarily easy. In a phrase, we transform your space with light.

The interaction of light and color is essential to the overall feel of a space. Consider that if there is no light, there is no color, no shape. The type of lighting - whether it is ambient, accent, or task - and the placement of that light directly affect how you see and perceive a space.

For some, the "do-it-yourself" lighting that is available at home improvement stores is sufficient for their needs. On the other hand, if you are the type of person who understands the role light plays and you want it to be an integral part of your home or the space you're designing, it's very likely you would benefit from working with a professional lighting designer. A professional lighting designer can provide you with a lighting system that minimizes glare; highlights and preserves your artwork; applies energy-efficient technologies; provides appropriate lighting for working in the kitchen, applying makeup or shaving in the bathroom, and working efficiently in other task areas.

A professional lighting designer also integrates daylight and electric light; considers the design of custom fixtures or refurbishing existing fixtures; implementing user-friendly lighting control; and coordinates all of the above with other team members, including the architect, interior designer, and builder, to provide a lighting system that meets the owner's style and coordinates with and complements the architecture and the environment.

At LIGHT+SPACE, we are independent lighting designers, and we do not sell fixtures or receive compensation or commission from the sale of fixtures, as we are not directly affiliated with any product manufacturers. This means that we are able to draw from thousands of lighting manufacturers when providing a lighting plan for your space.

"It is not that all electric lighting should produce "art"; rather, it should be done artfully, the final effect being appropriate, healthful, conducive to, and supporting of the function of environment, however ordinary. This is the contribution to the quality of life made by the lighting professional."

- Dave DiLaura, Fellow, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and Past Professor of Architectural Engineering,
University of Colorado, Boulder

If you have ever felt the less-than-desirable effects of poor lighting, you know that good lighting can have a dramatic impact on how you work, play, live, and feel in your space. If these things are important to you, you've come to the right place: LIGHT+SPACE.

  Living Room Light + Space
Fyda Residence, Jack Hawkins, Architect
Greg Anderson, Photographer

Townhome Light + Space
Bloc Party 4, Jack Hawkins, Architect
Asa Gilmore, Photographer

Townhome Light + Space
Black Oak Casino Parking Garage, Tate Snyder Kimsey Architects
Asa Gilmore, Photographer